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Hello, I’ve had some issues with wordpress as far as functionality.  so i decided to open a blogger account because html, javascript, ect. are enabled there.  please go to the link below & subscribe.  I’ll be checking the blogspot 1 much much more often.  [Update July 20th 2012] I’m making the blogspot my main blog, new articles are going to be posted there.

The main advantages are i can have these modules in the side bar can thus be actively used while reading an article.

Rather than a link to the talkshoe page for my podcast. Instead, you can listen to a podcast right here while reading any article.

Because of the impact facebook has had on getting a message out i decided to throw up a fan page, plus it makes it easy to send out updates for me.

Here’s my Facebook Page where articles are published automatically.

Rather than just having my skype name instead if i’m online it will be shown as such in real time.

My status

thank you for time…

John R Priesmeyer

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